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Creators unite

Connecting and empowering creators around the world

We launched the Walletally crypto token to be the embodiment of a true community token. The idea behind this project is to create a store-of-value, highly portable asset to reward creators for their contribution to the Wallet Ally family of platforms. Creators earn tokens for submitting content to our main site. 

The Problem

In today's hyper, content-driven world.

In the face of the complete democratization of the ownership and dissemination of content, some are starting to wonder why despite the fact that a majority of the content out there is owned by billions of individuals around the world, the monetary benefit of said content only extends to just a handful of tech and media outfits. 


Content creators rarely get the opportunities one would think exist to fully realize the potential of the works they so passionately create

The solution

One of the many ways the Walletally token seeks to  help bring some sort of quantifiable equity to this one-sided commercial relationship between content creators and the platforms on which they showcase their works is to deliver a meaningful store-of-value asset as compensation to the content creators who choose to share their gifts on our platform.


The Wallet Ally token was designed and deployed to put the power of our platform in the hands of its users and readers.

Circulating Supply: 100,000,000

Renounced liquidity: 70%

More coming soon

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