Facebook Nation

Facebook Nation


"Facebook Nation - The Unofficial Guide to Marketing in Facebook", shows you everything you need to get started making money on Facebook today.
Open the manual, implement the steps, and collect the profits from the additional orders you get. It couldn't get any easier.
This manual was created to show any person how to get setup fast with an effective advertising campaign that generates traffic.
Here's just some of what you're going to learn in this incredible course...

Does SEO Still Matter?
How Facebook Ads Work
Facebook Ad Creation - The Process
What's the Deal with Facebook Beacon
Do Keywords Matter?
What Type of Things Can I Advertise?
Sweepstakes and Contests
Facebook Social Ad Branding
Facebook Marketing Solutions
9 Facebook Ad Mistakes
The Privacy Issue
...and much more!


    • Release Date: July 26, 2014
    • ISBN: 1230000255385
    • Language: English

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