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Why It is Important To Talk About The Bill Oreilly Issue

As men we have a natural  tendency to allow our desires for the opposite sex to become an exercise in part jocular pursuit and part conspicuous display of our ability to, in some way freely express our willingness to let the objects of our desire notice that we notice them.

Take the simple, everyday action of visually noticing women. Women tend to be discrete about it, you know the - "I don't want him o see that I am  looking at him" factor while we, men seem to readily adopt the " I definitely want her to see that I am looking at her " mentality.

Bill Oreilly, in my view appears to be one part, power drunk and other part LAD( Lame Ass Dude). I think Oreilly is one who appears to be painfully unfamiliar with The art courting members of the opposite sex, which led to him extrapolating what he obviously thought was the machismo way to get a woman's attention.

Perquita Burgess, a sista, said Oreilly would never actually speak to her, but would rather grunt whenever he saw her and would subsequently resort to calling her Hot Chocolate and once told her, and I quote: " Looking Good Girl". 

It seems to me, in the case of Bill Oriley, Americans, once again missed an ideal opportunity to have an in-depth, non-partisan, non-racially charged discussion around yet another consequential social issue. An issue on which it appears carries a diverse array of opinions. Some seem to think Papa Bear was just straight-up wrong for his comments and actions towards these women.

Others take the position of " Hey what's the big deal?", he was just flirting. I have heard some good people I know, men express the latter. I think we really, as Americans, or perhaps as a global community need to have an updated 21st century reorientation with what precisely or loosely constitute sexual harassment.Just like we did once we found out that our nation's cops were once again beating up some of our citizens for little to no provocation. We have become way to freaking tribal, and this behavior is really preventing us from seriously discussing some of the biggest threats we face, like Women,s rights, Global warming, Food insecurity, etc.