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Why Automate? The Case for Marketing Automation

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

If you are looking at Automation as a way to streamline your company’s marketing efforts, and to boost overall return on investment, it is imperative that you take the time to understand what Marketing automation really is and the benefits associated with it.

Short answer? We automate to realize “the power of more” We use cheaper, more efficient systems, systems that can essentially run on their own because we want more. We want to spend less on – in this case, Sales and Marketing so we can make more money. More profits, more output, more customers, more stores, you get the idea.

If you are looking at Automation as a way to streamline your company’s marketing efforts and to boost overall return on investment, it is imperative that you take the time to understand what Marketing automation really is and the benefits associated with it.

On a basic level, Marketing automation comes down to efficiency. The primary reason you will want to automate some of the repetitive tasks associated with your Sales & marketing infrastructure is to ensure that your employees’ time and efforts are efficiently distributed across all departments in order of priority.

In this article, we will take a holistic look at what Marketing automation is and its benefits.


As I mentioned before, the main reason behind automation, not just when it comes to marketing, but across all industries is to streamline some of the more repetitive actions associated with your business. Doing so will help you reduce the opportunity for human error, reduce your overhead costs, and so much more.

For the most part, automating some of your marketing messages, campaigns and tasks will go a long way to:

Streamline your marketing processes

One of the major benefits of Marketing automation is the ability to visualize and build panoramic customer journeys.

You are able to create a series of campaigns/messages/content that will help walk every single customer through a customized process designed to anticipate and remedy any issues they may have and educate them about your brand in the most thorough way possible.

Retain and Increase the Value of Existing Customers

Other than serving as a means by which you can help provide quality, effortless customer service, marketing automation when executed in an optimal fashion can be one of the most effective tools in your sales toolbox.

The ability to get in front of the customer, via email, social media, push notifications, etc. With your brand messaging can provide you with a powerful sales platform.

You can help convert more free trial users and upsell existing customers through the attention you will commend with your ubiquitous and consistent messaging.

Targeted Marketing

Through the use of the various tools and features most all-in-one marketing automation platforms provide, you will be able to speak directly to each customer's unique needs and wants.

You will be able to deploy ultra-targeted messages. These customized messages will help provide your customers with the world-class support they have come to expect, and also help increase their spending with your company by providing a message of value that resonates with each individual customer on a granular level.

Automatically follow-up with leads

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, you are 60x more likely to qualify, and subsequently, close a sale if you follow up with a lead within an hour of them expressing interest in your product or service.

And since it is almost impossible to respond to a slew of information requests or free trial users as quickly as possible, it makes sense to employ the use of some of the various marketing automation tools out there to help keep up with incoming leads.

You will be able to build and deploy, via triggers, responses to leads to help qualify them, and set them up for the next step in your sales process.

If you operate a software business, you can send out automated welcome emails with video demos on how to use your platform to help your free trial users get the most out of your system before they upgrade to a paid account.

You are also able to automatically engage and provide customers with the information required to better understand the value of your product or service. You can communicate with customers and prospective customers via tools like Tidio, using chatbots, automated social media responses, in-app notifications, and so much more.


Marketing automation and the associated tools and features will help give you an overview of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Your reporting dashboard will give you great transparency and insights as to which campaigns are resonating with your audience, which campaigns are leading to greater conversation rates, and so on.

Armed with this information, you will be able to better streamline your overall marketing strategy.

A Customized System

These are but a few of the benefits of Marketing automation. I am sure, just like most business operators, once you have a much better understand and appreciation for the power of automation, you will be able to come up with strategies that are unique to your business.

I have no doubt in your ability to construct and deploy an automated marketing system that will help meet your specific business needs.

One that will help educate your prospective customers while keeping your existing base engaged.

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