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What is a Wealthy Mindset? 5 Habits of The Rich and Successful

Most successful people have morning routines. For this reason, they are more productive than the rest of us.

They say "the rich get richer as the poor get poorer."  if this is true then One can't help but wonder what makes rich folks different from the rest of us. Is it that they are simply born into rich families? How do we then explain the successes of those who started out dirt poor but somehow become millionaires and billionaires?  

Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and Warren Buffet are all examples of men who started with nothing and acquired unimaginable wealth, all in a single lifetime.

If you spend enough time around self-made folks, you will notice that these guys and gals think, live, and spend very differently from your more lower-income acquaintances. Rich folks seem to spend very little money on things that have no intrinsic value.

They focus more of their financial resources and time on things that add value to their lives. They build their homes, lease their cars, invest in their businesses, and allocate a relatively small portion of their budgets on leisurely expenditures like travel, dining out, designer wear, etc.

Below are 5 of the common traits they display. 

1. They hang around other successful people

You should associate with those you seek to emulate. Most successful people spend their time around other successful individuals. This allows the free flow of money-making ideas and information about great opportunities.

I am sure your broke friends never discuss any great investment ideas, do they? I am willing to go as far as to say that they probably discourage any talk of business when you are around them. Try to find some successful people and see how you can be around them more often. 

2. They have a morning routine.

While most of us sleep, hitting the snooze button several times and struggling to wake up. The rich and successful are already up.

Most rich people have morning routines. For this reason, they are more productive than the rest of us. They wake up early with a positive attitude, ready to take over the world.

3. They never see themselves as victims

Successful people see an opportunity in any situation. They never feel sorry for themselves or see themselves as victims. They are usually not waiting around for someone else to make things great again for them. They recover from setbacks quickly and are always willing to learn something new.

4. They are Humble

With the exception of a few. Self-made rich people tend to be very humble people. They can relate to just about anyone they meet in life. They can typically handle criticism and are open to ideas, no matter the source.

5. They take risk

Self-made folks are usually risk-takers. Don't get me wrong, it's not like they just take unnecessary risks. I mean when they have an idea, they do some information gathering and commit to it if it is potentially profitable. They are not indecisive and are always able to emotionally recover from an adverse outcome and move on.

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