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Want to Be Your Own Boss? Here are 3 Tips to Help You Do Just That

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Here are 3 ways you can become your own boss on the cheap.

Most of us often dream of leaving our corporate jobs to start our own business. We fantasize about making it big in some cool company we founded, where we get to do cools stuff and get rich as a consequence. I know you have the passion to go out on your own.

What if you have not come up with that great idea yet? What if you do not know any wealthy individuals who can back your venture? Most people do not have millions of dollars laying around to start a new company. So how can you be your own boss without a bunch of capital?

Here are 3 ways you can become your own boss on the cheap.

1. Become a broker

You can become a broker agent/agency for well-established brands. This kind of setup is typical in Real estate and Insurance. You can become a real estate or Insurance broker.

This type of situation will allow you to spend very little cash to build your business while the larger company pays most of your marketing and R&D expenses. All you will need to do is to get out there and acquire clients.

2. Become a freelancer

Do you have any unique skills to market? Maybe you are great at video editing, or perhaps you are a good writer. There are thousands of companies out there who are looking to fill contracts and are looking to hire people like you.

You can offer your services as a company on contract basis. Being a freelance anything allows you to build your personal brand and be your own boss. You can certainly find freelance openings on platforms like Upwork.

3. Franchise

Contrary to popular belief, buying into a franchise is not always an expensive endeavor. Sure, most franchise ownership arrangements cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions sometimes.

There are loads of franchise opportunities out there that will only cost a fraction of the average deal. Before you commit to any franchise arrangement, you’ll want to do your homework on the company. Talk existing franchisees, hire an attorney and accounting expert to help with this effort.

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