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Veil - The Only Muslim Marriage App You’ll Ever Need

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Veil was founded by two childhood friends from Oxford, Olid Uddin, who works as a marketer and designer and Adam Ward, a construction project manager.

Veil is an innovative matchmaking app dedicated to helping single Muslims all over the world. It’s the fruit of four years of market research and app development. Veil is aiming to revolutionize Muslim marriage apps with its innovative user interface and smart features.

What’s Veil?

The app provides a sought after alternative to conventional methods such as family set-ups and blind dating. Veil is available on IOS (Android version launching later this year). The team is based in London and in Dubai.

How Did It Start

The idea hit the co-founders, Olid Uddin and Adam Ward, after years of experimenting with UK-based marriage apps. Being very proximate to the Muslim marriage services has given them a better idea of what’s missing in the market. This led to the development of Veil 1.0, a personality-based free app providing a unique, modern, and efficient service to single Muslims anywhere.

Why is Veil in Demand

Traditional Muslim matchmaking engagements often pose too much pressure on both participants. It can be extremely stressful and makes people act pretentious, hoping to impress. Veil took these pitfalls and insecurity triggers as a motive to come up with an alternative solution which encourages men and women to act nonchalant and reveal their true selves by being honest and respectful with a clear intention for marriage.

Adam Ward, Co-founder of the app explains: “We decided on the name Veil to complement the concept of displaying profile photos slightly opaque, mirroring the effect of seeing through a bridal veil fabric. Our digital veil gives profiles a chance to highlight personality attributes rather than be judged instantly on aesthetics. This also adds an element of mystery and suspense which is built up until profiles are matched and photos unveiled.”

How Does It Work?

Veil highlights personalities over looks. Many other popular apps promote the ‘judge a book by its cover’ approach by focusing participants’ attention on how others look instead of their characters. Veil stresses on the importance of making connections that are not just based on looks and encourages a complete profile review before a judgment is passed.

The Mission

Co-founder Olid Uddin states: “We aspire to offer an alternative to image-driven matchmaking. The app is currently working toward becoming the biggest Muslim marriage network in the MENA region initially. It is available for Muslims worldwide, but more importantly it's free to use without the costly monthly subscriptions. There is a general notion of users feeling awkward in using marriage sites & apps hence our vision is making Veil comfortable for people to be a part of’’

Veil understands the trivial challenges of launching a revolutionary, taboo-breaking app in the GCC market, where gender mixing is always a hot topic. Therefore, the standards and measures taken always pay utmost consideration to strict, or modern communities.

Why Is Veil Different?

Veil is targeting 200+ million single Muslims worldwide. It’s designed to help all single, widowed, and divorced people find potential lifelong partners. The app doesn’t discriminate based on age, status, or nationality.

The team’s knowledge stems from first-hand experiences with marriage apps. Veil was designed to accommodate target audiences and steer clear from other concepts which market dating services. The app ensures extreme security measures and our team will tirelessly work on maintaining the Veil community a civil one.

Veil was introduced with a soft launch in October 2018 which focused on Muslim communities in London and Dubai through beta invites. The app is now available on the Apple Appstore in most parts of the world.


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