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Understanding Email Automation: A Brief Overview

What is Email Automation?

Email Automation describes a set of tools and resources that enable a small business owner or marketer setup promotional and/or transactional emails to be automatically sent out ( based on timing or actions taken by end users ) to their prospective customers and/ or customers. All in an effort to accomplish a given set of objectives. Some automated emails are meant to guide the end user through your on-boarding process, getting them acclimated to the various features and benefits associated with using your product r service. Others are meant to provide valuable account information to the customer in a timely manner. Examples of the latter would be purchase receipts, invoices, account log in information, etc.

What are Some of the benefits of Email Automation?

Although there are various benefits to setting up some of your email campaigns to be automated, some benefits stand above all else. Email automation is one of those things that, when planned and executed in an optimal manner could help form deeper connections with your customers. Setting up an effective email automation system will help free up a lot of time for you and your team. Automating a portion of your emails can help build trust (via consistency), with your audience, while establishing you and your firm as a legitimate player in your field. Automated emails also help foster positive brand image.

A simple example of a Marketing Automation plan would look something like this

What are some of the disadvantages of Email Automation?

Incorrectly planning and executing an email automation campaign can negatively impact your customers' user experience. Strategic timing, accuracy, and diligence can go a long way to defray some of the well known pitfalls of a poorly-executed email automation campaign. Be sure not to bombard your end user with email after email. Time your emails as to allow for a more natural flow. Always send out quality emails, equipped with high definition graphics and videos.

Email automation examples and use cases

There are numerous possible use cases for automated email that vary by industry and business goals. It can feel overwhelming for you and your email program, but doesn’t have to be. Here are some common, high-impact ideas to start with:

Nurture campaigns with the goal to upsell

For your current customers, you may want to trigger email campaigns based off of whether they are a free subscriber or a paying one. For example, if a free user is using your product or service X amount of time a month for three months, an email can be triggered that suggests an upgrade by explaining the benefits of a paid plan to the user.

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