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Tribal Marketing 101:Harnessing the Power of the Tribe

Tapping into an engaged group of like-minded individuals who are passionate and dedicated to their beliefs can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

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In order to realize the benefits of a successful interest-based marketing campaign, one that allows businesses such as yours to have a sizable audience with who your brand fully connects. One must first learn how to cultivate the power of the tribe.

You must take several steps to make sure that you and your organization are in a great position to recognize the potential increase to your bottom line and brand proliferation, curtsey of an engaged audience.

In today's fast-paced multi-dimensional digital ecosystem, it is easy for both tribes and brands to lose focus on what goals and objectives bind them. It is often the case when organizations fail to live up to their promise.

When this happens, said company or brand must invest heavily to try to restore their brand integrity and gain the lost trust with their audience and the public as a whole.

In this article, I will attempt to share some steps you, the entrepreneur can take to bolster your influence with your chosen tribes and to also to help you put yourself in the position to extract as much value as you can from your marketing efforts overall.


Your customers are human, and like most humans, they love a sense of community. Its what we are. It is who we are as humans. This has been our earliest organizing principle. As a business owner looking to reach folks, you ought to keep this in mind. Make building communities around your brand a centerpiece of your interest-driven marketing efforts.

Strive to provide the resources to allow your users/customers to form communities and to be able to fully connect and interact with one another.

Soul Cycle, the popular trendy health club franchise, sort to carve out a niche in the fitness industry by building communities that love to exercise together. Through this initiative, the company has been able to, over the last few years build a loyal following among its members.


This should be your main focus: people! How you treat people, whether your customers or employees can make or break your marketing efforts and your business overall. People are the most consequential part of everything you do in life and in business.

Most people in life want to be heard, seen, and appreciated. Sounds simple but in order to help drive profitability and overall growth, you will want to set up some kind of open system through which your customers and employees can provide feedback and voice any concerns or suggestions they may have.

Remember, when it comes to your target audience, these guys and gals share common interests views, passions, hobbies, etc. Creating new products or improving existing ones based on the recommendations of your customers will help you create a business the builds solutions perfect for your audience.

Customer experience

Cultivating a "customer first" culture will go a long way to help build brand loyalty among your chosen marketing tribe(s). Customer experience is essential to helping foster brand recognition and goodwill among your band of loyal customers and those you choose to target with your marketing efforts.

Great customer service, in today's modern hyper-interactive world, will involve you paying close attention to what customers say about your products, services and/or company and responding to their needs in realtime.

Netflix, the giant streaming service is great at responding to customer criticisms, requests, and overall viewing habits. The company has been able to amass a global audience by being the go-to platform for customers of varying nationalities and viewing tastes.

The company's ability to cater their content to the needs of its loyal users is obviously a far cry from what audiences had come to expect from traditional television programming.


Create a venue for your loyal customers to share their views and opinions about your brand. This is essential when you seek to target marketing tribes to help build your business. These types of customers are very passionate and vocal about the brands they shop or interact with.

Take advantage of this characteristic of your customer-type and allow them to share their experiences with your firm, as long as you ensure that most customer interactions with your company are positive ones.

The power of the customer voice is unrivaled when it comes to being the catalyst for attracting new customers. Customer reviews or word-of-mouth is truly second to none.

This is one of the greatest marketing tools you will ever have. Take the time and invest the resources to help your most loyal customers spread the word about your firm and its products.

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