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Tips to Get Better At Selling Anything

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

There is a group of people who make a living recommending products for customers to buy and getting compensated as the result of the sale.  Sales is the one area where the amount of money you, make is directly related to the work you put in.  You can make a lot of money in sales, there is usually no limit  to your income because payment is usually a percentage of your sale.  Selling is a skill, that anyone can learn. Being great at selling boils down to following a sales process that contains 6 elements.

When mastered correctly, the sales process can make you an unlimited amount of income. If you struggle with any of the steps, chances are, it’s affecting your sales and therefore your income.

So,  if you are a beginner or veteran in sales mastering these 6 steps is critical to the success of your career.


This is the search for potential customers to do business with.  In sales this is a majority of your daily activity.  To be successful, you need to contact as many prospective customers as possible and present your product or service. It’s obvious the more people you contact, the more money you make.  So where do you get these people from?   You can contact people you know, people that your people know(referrals), or people you do not know (the cold market).  You can call, email, contact them on social media.

How many people do you need to contact daily?  The answer is, it depends. With people you know on average, if you speak to 30 people, 1 of them will sit down with you and possibly do business with you.  If it's the cold market, if you call 100 people, 1 of them may do business with you, and if its a referral, If you speak to 3, 1 might do business with you. To be successful in any selling career, your daily contact list should contain, people you know, referrals and the cold market.

Approach and Contact

The next part of the process is contact.  You have your list of potential clients in front of you, the question is what do you say to them?  What you say to the customer here, will make them decide on if they want to do business with you or not. You can’t blow it or leave it to chance! You have to be clear in your messaging, direct and get to the point.  You need to create a script or basic framework of what you are going to say.


This is the part where most sales people enjoy and are good at. The most important thing to remember is, you have to show the customer how the product or service would benefit them, so the best way to get know that is,  asking questions. Their answers determine the product or service you recommend.


If you had to push a button that would increase your income from 1,000 to 10,000, it would be asking for and converting referrals.  Every sales presentation should include a process of asking for referrals.

Manage Customer Relationships

When customers are happy with your product and service, they will keep putting money in your pocket by coming back and sending you more people for you to do business with.  To keep your customers happy,  pay attention to them and, resolve their issues promptly to stay in business.

Follow- Up

Sometimes when you speak to people about your product or service, they are interested but it may be a bad time.  So come up with a system that checks back with that customer every so often.  The frequency can be every 3 months or six months, the key is to keep doing it until they do business with you or tell you to stop calling and that they are not interested. You need to do this because you are making it easier for the customer to get what they need from you.  The need exists, you just have to fulfill the need.

These basic steps of the sales process work every time they are followed consistently.  If you are not selling enough, the good news is, you can  fix it! Go back to the basics.Trust the process and follow it to the letter and you will see results.

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