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Three Easy-to-implement social media marketing tips for small business

We have all become very comfortable connecting with our friends and families on social media.

Studies show that the average person spends up to 25% of their day surfing social media sites. Most people between the ages of 16 - 48 spend countless hours a week on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We have all become very comfortable connecting with our friends and families on social media. The wide use of social media platforms presents a huge opportunity for marketers and brands to connect with desired target audiences if done correctly. 

Marketing on social media should be a well-planned expedition if you intend to grow your business this way. You should not expect to simply set up a few pages, post once every few weeks and expect to find success.

You must have a system by which you grow your target audience, actively engage with them and get them to take the desired action at some point.

Whether you are a long-time social media marketer or new to this world, here are 3 important tips to help you find social media success. 

1. Do not buy followers

By now I am sure you have heard of sites out there that promise to provide you with tons of followers for a small amount of cash. I strongly recommend you do not buy followers. I know it seems tempting, but if you are serious about growing your business via social media, then you are going to need to have followers who are interested or could be interested in what you are selling. Please grow your audience the old-fashioned way. It is better to have 2000 Twitter followers who are engaged than 200,000 who do not care what you have to say or sell.

2. Post frequently and consistently

This is pretty important. Folks who consume your content do so because they enjoy it. They look forward to reading your posts or watching your videos. If you want to nurture your followers to turn them into paying customers one day, then I advise that you post your content on a noticeable schedule and stay consistent.

3. Recognize and replicate successes.

Once you have a few posts under your belt,  I recommend you go back and measure engagement. Both Twitter and Facebook have tools to quantify how well or not your audience engage with your content.  

Take notice of the types of content that got the most views, clicks, retweets, etc. and replicate those kinds of posts. If your audience engages with videos more, then I suggest you work to increase the percentage of videos in your overall content mix.

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