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The New Kenyan Woman is Healthy and Beautiful

Dieting and healthy living has become a trending topic among today’s Kenyan women. Body image has become a main focus and everybody wants to be slender and look younger. This hasn’t always been the case. It is now in our generation and women are learning how to keep fit and fight obesity and overweight.

Contrariwise, this issue has come with its unintended consequences in that those who have fuller bodies are often seen as if they are not health-conscious. This has led to social marginalization of the so called “thicker” women in some circles. While on the other hand, those with small frames are seen to more attractive. Some modeling agencies and fashion houses only seem to feature the slimmer type of woman in their publications.


There is always a way out of a challenge. Many Kenyan women gain weight when they give birth, taking a lot of time to lose the weight gained, but not everyone gets into the success of it. In such a case, you are supposed to accept and live with it. Actually, it doesn't mean that you look bad, you only look different from the way you were. One thing that would be helpful to such a Kenyan woman is to know how to dress her new body size. Kenyan society has now come up with many fashion designers who can dress you for every occasion and you will look good.

Anerlisa Muigai

For those who still want to cut weight, continue battling it out without giving in to any defeat. Change your eating habit, cut down the amount of carbs and sugar that you take per day. Get out there and exercise. You don't have to go to the gym if money is a problem. Jog around or join the channels that air the weight lose exercise shows in the morning and do it.

Kalekye Mumo

It was amazing how the two former KISS FM presenter Kalekye Mumo and Keroche Breweries' Anerlisa Muigai have had enormous success in weight loss , showing all Kenyan women it is possible despite many challenging in Kenya. They now look good and more sexy than before.

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