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The Benefits of installing WP Leads Machine + OTO

Statistics show the more people you have on your mailing list, the higher the benefits you get

from your site.

Promoting your content through online marketing is essential for the growth of traffic to your website. Visitors to your site will identify specific goods and/or services they like and need a reference in the future. Often times, visitors will not leave any contact information, making it impossible to reach out to them later.

WP Leads machine + OTO will turn all of your blog posts and pages on your website into a list building machine which in turn will capture email leads. Newest

WordPress Plugin turns ebooks and posts into a PDF fast on autopilot.

How this machine can make life better

Earlier online marketing tactics involved building lead magnets, landing pages, opt-in form, to have a sizable mailing list. The short PDF ebooks created by the machines are used as the lead magnets to build your intended mailing list. Leads machine acts as your marketer by automatically generating the opt-in boxes, call to action in your WordPress posts thus increasing the growth of your list. On installation of the plugin, immediately it changes the blog pages.

The features of the WP Leads Machine + OTO are outstanding and make everything simpler

without spending a lot of money. You will know how many emails are captured on a daily basis to a monthly basis. OTO allows you to add your logo and other settings to the PDF. Also

included in the PDF is an option of introduction and endnote or call to action. Redirecting users to another page after email capture is easy. If you are not giving certain blogs or ebooks for free, you can selectively disable the sites.

How people can use it to increase profits

Statistics show that the more people you have on your mailing list, the higher the benefits you get from your site. To achieve the target profits, you need to create lead magnets ebooks, reports, or other educational material for free that people will click and receive in their emails as a PDF.

Once you have built your list, make new leads by attaching offers inside the PDF or add an

HTML content in the PDF that advertises the services you offer. The storage of lead emails is

captured in your site database, no cost incurred for autoresponder services. According to your page organization, select the focal point where to place the call to action and the lead capture popups. OTO automatically corrects data on all conversions and in your whole site and displays your stats.


WP-Leads Machine + OTO collects all data of the existing blogs on your site. Therefore, the

number of new lead magnets equals the number of available blogs. There is no limit as to how

many posts you need for the lead machine to accommodate. It also provides you with three

different styles of CTA and all your leads are saved instantly into the WP site. The Plugin is

user-friendly and takes less than a minute to install. It is recommended for Affiliate markets,

Bloggers, service providers and other people who wish to build a mailing list for easy marketing.

It will save you money, time and energy.

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