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Tech-Friendly Flixbus to Offer VR Headsets on Select Rides

The company will offer Over 50 VR games and travel experiences on select routes

FlixBus founder and CEO André Schwämmlein and U.S. Managing Director Pierre Gourdain unveiled FlixBus at a press conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday. COURTESY OF FLIXBUS

Euro-based tech-friendly bust startup Flixbus is reported to be testing Virtual Reality experiences for its passengers. The company already offers VR headsets along with perks like free WiFi and charging outlets to its European customers. Passengers in Germany, France , and other destinations can enjoy the full line of tech perks the company has to offer. The Company also operates a low-cost train system Flixtrain in Germany.

Flexbus was founded by Jochen Engert, Daniel Krauss, and André Schwämmlein in Munich, Germany in 2011 and introduced to the U.S last year as a competitor to Greyhound and other interstate bust services. The firm, Flixbus, is said to be testing out its VR Pico Interactive headsets on routes in Tucson, Pheonix, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Passengers traveling these routes will be able to enjoy over 50 Virtual Reality games and travel experiences. Due to reported health-related issues like Nausea associated with VR experiences on moving vessels, the company will try out this new perk on smoother routes, before a full rollout.

Flexbus hopes to make these added services available to all U.S passengers in the future.

About Flixbus:

Flixbus is a German brand which offers intercity bus service in Europe and the United States. Launched in 2013 following the deregulation of the German bus market, Flixbus aimed to establish an alternative to carpooling and Deutsche Bahn, the German state-owned railway.

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