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Starbucks' Holiday Cup Offer Takes a Left Turn

Starbucks seemed to have completely miscalculated how badly customers would want the red reusable holiday cups.

Many customers across the U.S, this week had a hard time obtaining one of Starbucks' red reusable Holiday Cups.

The company offered the much-anticipated cup as a reward if customers ordered one of their holiday beverages. Either at a physical location or via the Starbucks app.

I tried and failed miserably to snag one of the cups for myself. Folks took to social media to complain about the injustice of it all. One customer said:

" I make $125,000 a year, I live in South Park and I can't get one of these cups?".

Ok, that's obviously a joke. But all kidding aside, the public was outraged, and so was I. I mean we have been dealing with hurricanes for the past three to four months and now this?

"Our sincere apologies. This was not a scheduled maintenance and we are aware of the difficulties customers are experiencing,” The company said on Twitter. “We’re working quickly to resolve them.”

Even though the message on the Starbucks app was: "We are currently down for scheduled maintenance. Check back soon."

"We’re currently experiencing a temporary outage of our mobile app," a Starbucks spokeswoman, Maggy Jantzen, said. "We continue to welcome and serve customers in our stores."

Starbucks still has not communicated when they plan to have more of holiday cups available. Which is strange since they seem to have pushed this holiday offer pretty hard.

I mean what were they thinking. Folks love their Starbucks coffee.

I have had to become a Panera customer since I can never seem to avoid the long lines at my Local Starbucks.

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