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Special Needs Education at the Jacaranda School in Nairobi.

It is good to understand, due to different levels of challenges that the children face, it is impossible to teach all in one group.

Intellectually disabled children’s communication is at times difficult to understand. However, this is not a drawback at Jacaranda Special School. The school admits all children with learning disabilities from Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Mild and Severe Autism and much more.

The government-funded school was established back in 1946 and is the only school for  special needs children in Nairobi County. The school is mostly supported by donors, to provide a safe learning environment for the children. 

Mentorship Program 

It is good to understand, due to different levels of challenges that the children face, it is impossible to teach all in one group. The children are taught each according to their ability. One of the basic skills taught to the children is hygiene, other children are taught other skills like making beds, cooking and simple domestic chores. 

Some more children are capable of learning a skill that can earn them a living.  This category of children can do tapestry, knitting or beading.  They are keen to learn, and the work they produce is neat and of high quality. 

They have several outdoor activities, and encourage all children to participate. These activities include, volleyball, fashion shows, sack races, and music. These activities broaden their minds and social skills to help them navigate the world.


Success is achieved through hard work. At Jacaranda Special School the dedicated team of teachers and support staff is excellent. They have a special calling and treat the children with a lot of care and respect. These children  need patient care and attention which they get from the teachers. Their involvement with the children is kind and gentle. The government should standardize and subsidize special education to make it available for all special needs children as the cost to educate a special needs child is currently very expensive. 


The school receives donor funding to ensure there are enough materials for the children’s activities. The funding comes from well-wishers, organizations & Service Providers for Mental and Intellectual Disabilities. To read more on social and corporate responsibility towards the disabled community, you can find the information on the Kenya Disability Web Portal.


These particular children have special needs.  They can be difficult at times but loving them, and good care makes them feel appreciated in the community. Parents should be aware all children are equal regardless of their abilities and challenges. They should be enrolled in schools and learn to explore their full potential.