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Social Media Campaigns Ideas: Quality Content Makes all the Difference

The key here is to find out which types of content will work for your particular set of needs.

When it comes to social media marketing, Content is everything. What type of content you choose to share with your audience can determine whether they completely ignore your brand or are fully engaged with your posts.

Sure, different types of content resonate with different kinds of audiences in different ways. The key here is to find out which types of content will work for your particular set of needs.

Consumers are more likely to Like or comment on posts that entertain and inspire over discounts and sales.

Taken independently, audiences have been known to respond to some types of content in a more optimal fashion than others. According to Sprout Social, 48% of consumers say they want to purchase from brands that are responsive to their customers on social media and 38% will buy from brands that share "interesting visuals" on their social media pages.

Once you find your perfect mix of articles, videos, and / photos, you will want to only use the most captivating, top quality and a fully immersive selection of content. Sharing quality, target-audience-friendly content will help audiences engage with your brand, come to see your firm as the go-to folks for whatever you sell, and help increase overall customer engagement.

Your social media content strategy should not be left to chance. This is what audiences will come to expect and know your company for. Take your time to plan out what types of content, what themes - introspective, activist, humor, etc. You will be known for.

For example, GEICO, Warren Buffett’s insurance firm stays at the top of the mind due to their consistently funny ads and unforgettable visuals.

I still remember their contaminated water supply ad from the ’90s. That’s how funny this ad was. Well, to me at least.

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