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Review Of Equity Bank’s Eazzy Banking Mobile App.

Equity Bank Kenya has stepped up a notch higher than other banks.

Equity Bank Kenya has stepped up a notch higher than other banks. The introduction of the Eazzy Banking mobile app has made it easy for equity account holders to transact comfortably from their homes or office. This new application just requires you to be an Equity Bank registered internet user.

Downloading the AppYou can download the app from the Google Play store for free for all Android mobile phones. It is also available on the Apple app store. If you are a registered internet user, you will download it from your handset, launch the app and log in using your registered Internet credentials. Your accounts and transactions will appear on your screen once logged in.

This application helps you to consolidate all your financial transactions including those from other financial institutions. The application is much better, secure and fast to use. It empowers you with all the tools you require for financial transactions.


This application has various features to help you navigate quickly.

(i) Notifications and Alerts – This app will notify you of all operations and future bills in your account. It will also notify you when your account is low on funds.

(ii) Bills Discovery – This application identifies all bills within your account and alerts you when they are due. This cool feature helps you stay on top of your bill payments.

(iii) Easy Contact – Eazzy app displays all Equity Bank branches and ATMs in a given location. It also gives you direct contact with customer care.

(iv) Accounts Consolidation – You can consolidate your accounts from this application and manage them efficiently. The "go organization" option helps you view all of your transactions and purchases.

(v) Geo-information, Add tags Notes and Images – This unique feature helps you stay organized. You will find what you are looking for when you search through your finances. 


The security level used to protect Equity's online banking data is used with this app. The four digit passcode feature stops any unauthorized access.

Advantages of using this application

1. It is safe and fast to use.

2. It saves you a trip to the bank.

Disadvantages of using this application

1. The app runs a bit slow, which can be easily fixed with an update.

2.Not all bank products currently show on the app.


With the roll out of its new Eazzy Banking app, Equity Bank once again shows they are still focused on meeting their customers' changing needs. This is a solid application. 

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