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Petpuls' smart collar lets you know how your dog feels

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Powered by AI and a whole host of other data points, the collar helps translate your dog's barks into emotions you, the pet owner, can understand and act on.

If you are like many other dog owners, in that you long to understand and connect with your four-legged friend(s) in a more symbiotic way, well, now you can! Or at least have some sense of where they are emotionally when they bark.

So, let me explain. A South Korean startup, Petpuls, is said to have built a pet collar that, with the aid of AI-enabled voice recognition technology, can help translate up to five emotions in dogs.

According to the company, "The collar also has an accelerometer sensor that can track your dog’s activity and calculate calories burned during exercise".

The Collar, according to the firm, can translate with 80% accuracy what your dog is feeling when it barks. The company's flagship product functions based on “a proprietary algorithm in combination with a database of more than 10K bark samples from 50 breeds of dogs in four different sizes” in order to detect what your dog is feeling" based on statements from the firm's website. The collar can help you tell if your dog is happy, relaxed, anxious, angry, or sad.

Petpuls also developed a mobile app that pairs to its collars so dog owners can monitor their pet’s “emotional status and physical activity,”

These collars sell online for $99.