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One Woman's Journey - Njoki Kamau

Njoki Kamau :Associate Professor at University of Minnesota

What a motivating journey! Njoki Kamau originates from Kenya. She is a women’s rights activist, who is an associate director of the women’s  Center situated at Northwestern University near Chicago whereby she has taught several courses in Women’s Studies at the very university. Since 1985 she has been a known leader in action against domestic violence, especially for women.

Njoki Kamau was first exposed to this idea in  her early years in high school in Kenya. She has always wanted to learn more from all women, poor and rich. Black, white, Asian, Latino and Native American who ever wanted to be treated humanely. She has ever worked with women’s issues, although many challenges on the way showing her uneasy way in which gender, race, class  intersect as well as contradictions produces in all communities.

She has ever devoted her time in advocating for women for over last decade. “This journey has brought me into an active involvement in the community on gender, cultural and racial issues” said Njoki Kamau. Throughout the whole involvement, she has developed a deep and meaningful relationship with black not only in Africa but also in American. Knowing that skin color doesn’t position oneself in a social-political context, but culture which is the most important thing after all!

Njoki Kamau left Kenya, 19 years ago to pursue her higher education In America.  Totally nothing in her background as a young woman could have prepared her for the  challenges awaited her out there in Atlanta. She states that it was only by the support of the Kenyan community of black women  friends who helped her conquer the world, successfully overcoming every obstacle which came her way. “ I have ever learned the importance of belonging to a women’s community back in my homeland, this being most intelligent thing I ever did in my life,” she finally said.

She purposed to take her second mission of becoming a women’s right advocate , after passing through bad experience of racism and gender based violence and stood against violence, racist society giving help to any race betray.

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