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OCTOBER 2018 issue of Sections: Walletally's digital magazine

Featured Articles

Family Business: Meet the Mother and Two Daughters Making Millions Selling Burgers

When Patricia made what would become a life altering decision, she was working as a rehabilitation therapist, and her husband was an LAPD police officer. more

Meet Suzy Whaley: The First Female President of The PGA of America

The PGA voted to elect Suzy Whaley as their first ever female leader, a move that topped off what has certainly been the year of the woman. More





What is a Wealthy Mindset? 5 Habits of The Rich and Successful

They say "the rich get richer as the poor get poorer." if this is true then One can't help but wonder what makes rich folks different from the rest of us. More

How much does it cost to fly Private? This Startup Will Let You Fly Anytime For A "Small" Yearly Fee

Wheels Up is now offering individuals affordable private jet memberships.

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How to Find Your Niche in Business

Finding your ideal niche in any market is a fundamental component in successfully launching any business endeavor.

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Tips to Get Better At Selling Anything

There is a group of people who make a living recommending products for customers to buy and getting compensated as the result of the sale.

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