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November 2018 issue of Sections: Walletally's digital magazine

Cover Stories

Ilhan Omar - The First Somali American U.S Congresswoman

Ilhan Omar, now 37, has become the first elected Somali-American woman elected to Congress. Keep Reading

Starbucks' Holiday Cup Offer Takes a Left Turn

Starbucks seemed to have completely miscalculated how badly customers would want the red reusable.. Keep reading


How to Attract Angel Investors and Venture

Are you the founder of a rapidly-growing startup? Have you reached the part in your growth story where bootstrapping just won’t cut it anymore?

Keep Reading

Cutstory for Instagram: How to Upload Long Videos on instagram Story

Cutstory is a neat little tool that allows you to post videos on instagram longer than 60 seconds. Keep Reading

ConvergeOne Explores Sale

In February, the Eagan-based IT services provider merged with special purpose acquisition firm Forum Merger Corporation in a $1.2 billion transaction and became a publicly listed company. Keep Reading

3 Ways Your Startup Can Decrease Overhead Costs

From a popular question on Quora about why startups are most likely to spend a lot of money at the beginning, several reasons came up. Keep Reading

Who Was Paul Allen? 9 Interesting Little-Known Facts About The Late Microsoft Co-Founder

A look at the life of Paul Gardner Allen, Entrepreneur, co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropist. Keep Reading

9 Reasons to Start Your Own Business Today

For any aspiring entrepreneur looking to quit their day job and start their own small business, here are nine good reasons to get started today. Keep Reading

5 Creative Ways to Market Your Business On a Shoestring Budget

Traditional media is expensive and results are often difficult to measure. However, the good news is that small businesses can now access affordable and easy-to-track digital marketing avenues to help attract new customers. Keep Reading

3 Benefits of Creating Shareable Content

Content marketing has all but smoked out the increasingly less effective traditional marketing methods. The focus has shifted from pitching products/services to providing timely and useful content to help potential and existing customers. Keep Reading

5 Must-Read Books For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Reading is fundamental and knowledge begets skill. So If your plan is to launch the next Facebook or Snapchat, then you should start reading these 5 books immediately. Keep Reading