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Most powerful women in Kenyan Politics

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

The Kenyan government has made excellent steps in ensuring women get their rightful place in politics as they share the national cake together with men.

Our powerful women in Kenyan politics have proved to be bold, tough and sharp taking the right direction towards leadership. For several years, they have shown good gesture being aggressiveness making sure women  in the entire nation get the best services on various projects.

As the gender representation debate rages on in the country , these women remind us that Kenya has already taken several steps in gender equity although much still need to be done.

Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta is the wife of Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, 4th President of Kenya and the First Lady of Kenya.

Margret  Kenyatta

Being the First Lady and the pillar of president of the republic of Kenya, president Uhuru Kenyatta… she is the most powerful woman in the entire country  politically! She has finally won the hearts of many people globally as she ran several marathons raising funds for The beyond Zero Campaign and finally providing mobile clinics throughout the entire country.

Martha Wangari Karua is a Kenyan politician. She is a former long-standing member of parliament for the Gichugu Constituency and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

Martha Karua

Martha Karua, the iron lady from Gichugu in Kirinyaga county.  She is also known as the Narc Kenya party leader. She is one of the most progressive woman politicians in Kenya. She is well known for her fights for Multiparty Democracy to  when she tried and contested for presidency although she lost. She has stood up and proved that women in Kenya can be as good as men!

Aisha Jumwa at a political event

Aisha Jumwa

Have you ever heard of Aisha Jumwa? Don’t worry, she is one of the upcoming & most vocal female politicians from the Costal region of Kenya, she is known for her calm, calculated demeanor. She is the Kilifi County women representatives and has proved to be the most vocal in ODM party,  the opposition party in Kenya.

Charity Kaluki Ngilu is a Kenyan politician and the second governor elected for Kitui County.

Charity Kaluki Ngilu

She is one of the most vocal and visible women politicians in Ukambani and Kenya at large!  Having run for the presidency of Kenya once and lost, she still managed to soldier-on in politics. She has also served in the ministry of health, water and lands recently and did a good job!

Mishi Mboko

She is known as a passionate lady in the National Assembly during debates. She is the women Representative of Homabay County who is also a fierce debater. She earned her skills in politics at Kenyatta University and became the first female student elected as Secretary General of Students Union.

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