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Most Influential Young Women in Kenya

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

From left to right: Anerlisa Muigai, Michelle Kariuki

Can a young woman in Kenya be influential?  African and more so Kenyan women are typically overlooked when it comes to the world of business and finance.  

But this has already changed, the Kenyan young  women  have brought lots of change to the whole world compared to the past… things are never going to be the same! They are already taking over the world in new leadership roles, in business industry all the way to the entertainment industry empowering young generations on the same!

Where is the Young Kenyan woman? I have good news for you! Embrace the opportunity and get empowered, don’t be left behind. This is your golden opportunity!

Kenya has successfully brought forth a  new successful young women generation who have emerged and become the most successful women in Kenya. This has been marked after their tireless work, sheering proof than women in Kenya are the most influential and hard working beings in the entire world!  The time when women would only sit down , bear and bring up children is long gone…

#shixkapyenga #yvonnemaingey #anerlisamuigai #michellekariuki

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