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Mike Heron Wants to Make It Easier For Musicians to Get Paid For Their Work

The A&R Executive created beat hustle to streamline the process by which artists get beats for their songs.

Mike Heron: Founder of

An Entrepreneur by day and music executive by night, Mike Heron, after spending years watching the struggle that it is for artists and composers to get credit for their efforts, he decided to do something about it. Heron wanted to create a platform that would make the entire process easier for everyone involved. Beat Hustle was born.

The company's mission? Simple. Allow artists to buy quality samples from top composers. Heron's company allows composers to list their works, with all proper clearances and agreements already in place, allowing artists to quickly buy and use said samples in their new songs without having to wait. Beat Hustle's method also ensures that artists are not legally liable for any future claims.

How it was done before

The problem, according to him goes like this: an artist creates a piece of music, along with a producer. Said music contains various samples from music, present and past. Heron's job was to try to contact all parties involved to get permission for their works to be used in this new product, and also to coordinate with various music labels, distributors and promotion firms to ensure all composers are compensated each time the song gets paid.

Heron hopes that when Beat Hustle officially launches, it will provide the change he believes the music industry desperately needs.

How BeatHustle Plans To Shake things up

Although the site has not quite launched yet, and interested parties can simply signup to be notified when it does, industry folks and other watchers have gotten some idea of what the company wishes to be to all users in the space, and also how the site will work to provide the much-needed efficiency and cohesiveness in the must industry. Especially from the creative's point of view.

The site will be a marketplace-like environment where new and seasoned composers alike, can provide fresh music for artists and producers to sample as they see fit. The site will provide resources for artists, producers, and composers to coordinate and exchange payment in a safe, seamless ecosystem. Heron hopes his site will bring transparency and efficiency to a very opaque part of the music business.


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