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Meet 3 Awesome Black Woman Tech Entrepreneurs

Although the world of tech in the United States and around the world is a mostly white male-dominated arena, a recent need to have black women enter this field has helped foster the emergence of some truly amazing black women founding and leading innovative tech firms.

We looked at 5 black woman-founded tech firms that have, at the very least raised investor funds and have a viable offering. so here are five black women-owned tech startups making waves in 2018:

1. Jessica O. Matthews

Uncharted Power

Matthews is accustomed to making a splash. At 22, she founded the New York City-based Uncharted Play (now Uncharted Power) to develop energy-producing technology and then embed it in common items like a jump rope or child's stroller. One Harvard Business School degree later, Matthews raised a $7 million Series A round--thought to be the largest ever by a black female founder, and, depressingly, very close to the average early-stage financing won by white male founders. Matthews's most recent effort allows her customers to draw energy from technology embedded in buildings and roads and activated by vehicular and pedestrian traffic. --K.W.

2. Maureen Erokwu


Maureen Erokwu is a Google Maps Business View team member who has expanded StreetView for Businesses with Vosmap, a marketing tool that allows customers to explore, walk-through, and experience a business like never before.

3. Dawn Dickson


Serial Entrepreneur Dawn W. Dickson, founder and CEO of PopCom, a software company for self-service retail, and Flat Out Heels, a producer of rollable flats for women and children sold online and through vending machines, always prepares for the next big opportunity—even if she doesn’t know from where or even when it’s coming. In fact, she experienced her self-professed “life-changing moment” at the 2014 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

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