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Looking for something to do on a Sunday in Kenya?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

If you and/or your significant other are in desperate need of something fun and new to do on a Sunday in the city, then you should check out the Flea Market event at K1 Flea Market. You will love having a good time on a budget. There are few experiences in life that match that of a fun-filled day with a large helping of diversity and immersive consciousness. The event s organized by Kaz Locas and is sure to blow your mind.

At the K1 FLEA MARKET, you can SELL & BUY new, second hand and pre-loved items! Everything used, from household items, home appliances, furniture, textile, ceramics, electrical equipment, toys, games, books, DVD's, clothes, antiques, accessories etc. You’re always invited! We’ll fill you in on the coolest things to do in K1 Flea market retail scene, so you can have the best time ever!

Food and drinks for sale will be available, come make friends and enjoy your sunny Sunday

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