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Introduction To Faiba Konnect

The service provider has as low as 3 mbps speed for 1-10 users to a range of 20 mbps speed for 51-65 users for the business plan.

Faiba Konnect is a cable service providing internet connection in Kenya and a product of Jamii Telecommunications. The service has hit the market like a big bombshell due to the enormous adverts of their services. This service has packages ranging from home internet to great businesses internet connection and TV set-top box services.

Packages Offered.

The service provider has as low as 3mbps speed for 1-10 users to a range of 20mbps speed for 51-65 users for the business plan. The choice of the customer depends on the type of activity one holds and use of Internet you require. The home option has not been left behind too. The 5mbps speed being the lowest to enhance one's shopping, surfing email and social media without interruption. There are however higher packages for home options depending on the use of the internet. Security being major you will get 20mbps speed connection to support the CCTV and other internet use in your home.

The service offers very reliable point to point connection. The service enables one to connect from the head office to the other business branches across the country through remote servers and local workstations.

The digital TV era has taken over the country, and Faiba followed suite. They have introduced TV set-top box. This gadget can transform any TV into a smart TV. It comes with the application of google play store enabling clients to download the contents they need both free and paid. It also allows access to the local stations aired for free. This gadget also provides;

(i). Gaming – One can download all games of their choice from google play store due to its vast connectivity. The interfaces provided allow one to connect to game controllers for an excellent experience.

(ii). Devices Connections – The gadget has several ports to connect to including USB, Ethernet, SD Card slot, HDMI and Composite Video. These slots give one the option of connecting as many devices to the gadget that is compatible with it.

(iii). Conferencing/Chats – Faiba TV box provides the options of video conferencing and chatting too. These options are downloaded from the Google play store and are good for one’s business and social interaction too.

(iv). Wi-Fi Connection – The gadget is a Wi-Fi connection access point too. The service allows one access News and movies that are either free or paid. These Google applications can be downloaded and saved to the Faiba TV box.


The Faiba service has over thirty covered counties in Kenya. This enough proof that Faiba Konnect is among and most reliable internet connection one will require for both home and business options. The

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