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In "Startupland"? Get Zendesk Free for One Year

Zendesk gives you the tools to deliver better customer service. It takes minutes to get going and it's easy to manage, so you can stay focused on other priorities—like growing your startup.

Ask any successful small business owner and they will tell you exactly how important it is to provide excellent customer service/ support. They will also tell you that to them, every customer counts. Every client, every account, every sale has the potential to make or break their bottom line.

Most entrepreneurs spend all day talking to or interacting with customers one way or the other. Some wonder if there are some ways or methods through which these tasks can be made less time-consuming. Some tool or platform(s) out there that can help automate some of these interactions.

Well, Zendesk, the popular customer support platform is now offering a chance for startups to access their award-winning set of customer support tools for free.

Qualifying Startups will get :

  • $218 USD credits/month for 12 months to start with Zendesk Suite (Support, Talk, Chat, and Guide)

  • $250 USD credits/month for 12 months redeemable for Sell Enterprise monthly plan.

  • Access to Zendesk and our partner community events, resources and content

  • Office Hours with our Startups Success Team

*Must be a new Zendesk customer, have fewer than 100 employees, and have raised up to Series B in funding rounds to qualify for the Zendesk for Startups Program. Zendesk Talk and Zendesk Sell minutes are not included.

Start your One-year free trial today

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