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How to Write an Ebook and Sell it Online

Writing an eBook can be fun and enjoyable experience. Just like reading a book, you can also relax either at home or when on vacation while writing your eBook.

Writing an eBook can be fun and enjoyable experience. Just like reading a book, you can also relax either at home or when on vacation while writing your eBook. You only need a computer with a good internet connection for content research, and you are good to go!

Writing ebooks for a living?

Anyone with an ability to create content and a passion for writing should try writing an eBook. One can create eBooks for fun or to generate extra income. There are, however, a few things to consider before embarking on this task

Gathering information

You must know all there is concerning the topic. How will you do this? Do extensive research.

If you have a strong internet connection, it won't take time to gather information from the internet. Check what others have written on that specific topic. Save whatever useful information you come across. Probably you might need to open a document for such tidbits for later use.

Your local library is another source of information. You can borrow books written about the topic you intend to write about. Jot down whatever you find necessary for your eBook.

Organizing Information

Once you arm yourself with all the information you need for your eBook, it is time to arrange the information systematically. Since writing is not new to you, you will have an idea what to bring out as an introduction, and the rest can start unfolding.

At this juncture, you might need to section the content in chapters. You don’t have to worry about giving titles to your chapters. You can just number them for now. It will be easier then to gather the information in respectful sections. You may write the information in the form of points. Later on, you can expound on these points.

Write the eBook

The research time is over. Now, it is time to bring out your creativity on conjuring those words to an exciting read. It does not matter whatever method you will use to write the eBook. What matters is the result.

If you want to make it big time, you can get eBook writing software which will make your writing much more manageable.

Employ creativity in your writing while using easy and understandable words. You don’t want your readers to have a dictionary on the side while reading your eBook. Do you?

Remember to avoid plagiarism which is not only against the ethics of writers but also illegal.

A standard eBook contains between 50 and 75 pages. It also can either be less or more depending on the topic.


When you are through with writing your book, give yourself some time to clear your mind off the book. After about three days, you can go through the book and read it with a critical eye. Proofread to ‘polish’ the content by editing and reviewing.

Add titles to your chapters and also think of a catchy main title that would attract readers to your eBook.


If you think you can do this, then you should go for it. Writing eBooks can be a full-time job. Many people make significant earnings from eBooks writing business. You too can start writing eBooks for a living.

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