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How to Use Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

Quickly grow your social media audience with carefully-chosen Hashtags

When looking to reach a maximum amount of followers, you must carefully consider which Hashtags to use for your Tweets, Facebook posts, and your Instagram pictures. Picking the right Hashtags for your social media posts should be more science than art.

Choose popular Hashtags and watch your posts reach a considerable amount of people across multiple online platforms. On the other hand, choosing non-performing hashtag can cause your posts to reach virtually no one. There are various steps and points to consider when choosing the best Hashtags.

The Big Picture

One of the main reasons to use Hashtags with your social media posts is to reach people with posts based on topics they are already interested in. It is also important to consider Hashtags that are not saturated or overused. Using saturated hashtags will do nothing to get your posts seen.

So, for example, let’s imagine that you have a post about the Movie Black Panther. The temptation here might be to use #blackpanthermovie. This seems logical because almost everyone saw the movie and it will get a lot of searches, right? The issue here is that your post will almost certainly be buried, with all the billions of posts about the movie and all.

One other way to go around this issue is to use hashtags from other popular aspects of the movie that are popular but not too popular. You can also use any of the various tools out there to assess which black panther related hashtags might work better for you.

Alternative Hashtag Strategies

When looking for these kinds of terms, you can also think about particular niches, as well as things that are currently in vogue. For example, you should consider posting images and Tweets that respond to what’s currently in the news and what’s currently trending.

You can put out posts in which you review or provide your opinions about popular news items. If a big event happens, this will likely get a lot of searches and you can get in on that action before the market is saturated with related posts.

This strategy works best on Youtube, where users get thousands of views by putting out videos reviewing popular movies and songs.

Finally, consider using hashtags that relate to an event or local news. These will be very popular but the total number of people posting those images will be limited geographically or by attendance. Just been to an Expo? Perfect opportunity for some related Tweets!

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