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How to Stay on Budget During the Holidays: 4 Tips to Survive It All

The Holidays can be a super hectic time of the year for us all. It helps to survive it, financially by having a sound plan.

The Holiday season is right around the corner. It’s usually the long awaited time of the year, more than any other . You got all these big plans about how you want to make it a memorable time. To achieve your dreams, you have to spend. But wait, you didn’t kill yourself with work the entire year only to use every dime within a day or two.

I have always heard people complain about how hard the month of January is. And it got me thinking; probably it’s because they used every penny over Christmas forgetting there will be bills to pay in January. For that reason, I have compiled some tips that can help you control your spending over Christmas.

1. Buy whatever you need in advance

With the festivity so near, every store tends to hike up the prices of almost everything, especially clothing. If you want to save, do your shopping  in advance.

You can also take advantage of black Friday and cyber Monday periods which happen during the last week of November and the beginning of December. At this time mega stores are clearing their old stock ready for restocking for the new year. Everything at this period goes at a lower price than usual.

2. Stick to your budget

Everyone has a pre-planned budget, even if it’s not written, at least they have it at the back of their mind.  When you go shopping, refrain from picking what is not included in your budget. I know the temptation is overwhelming but when you feel that you cannot avoid it, remember that January is just around the corner. You have some important bills coming up.

3. Pay cash

It would be hard to stick to your budget if you are using a credit card. To shop wisely, opt to pay for all gifts via cash only. This tip is especially for you if you have had difficult times in the past managing your credit card.

4. Assume you are doing a personal shopping

One thing I find funny about the holiday season is how we tend to do most of our shopping for others. Forgive me if I sound selfish, but I don't believe in spending a whole bunch of money for people we are not close to anyway. I prefer to shop for family and close friends only.

The bottom line is, the Holidays come each year, it will help to develop some kind of stress-free strategy to survive this period of the year.  

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