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How to Make Money With Google Adsense: A Basic Guide For The Rest Of Us

Google Adsense is considered one of the most powerful tools out there in terms of income generation for website publishers.

Google Adsense is considered one of the most powerful tools out there in terms of income generation for website publishers. The relatively easy setup makes it the most widely-used ad processing platforms on the market. When used correctly, with a large amount of traffic, one can generate a nice heap of cash via Adsense.

You can quickly get started with Adsense and start earning some ad revenue in a relatively short period of time.

Assuming you are already running a content-heavy, niche-based website or blog, and that you have managed to attract a healthy stream of active monthly users. You can apply to be added to Google's network of Adsense publishers.

Before you do that though, consider these points:

Are you using popular keywords

Building content based on popular search terms will be the biggest favor you do for yourself in your quest to generate traffic, and subsequently, income from advertising. There is really no traffic like organic traffic. These are visits you will get from folks who found your site by executing searches in their favorite search engine, Google. This kind of traffic is free and will only cost you hard work through thorough keyword research. Use tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword tools to find popular keywords and phrases on which to build content.

Build Quality Content

Create quality, original content based on the chosen keywords or niches. It is very important that you do not take shortcuts when it comes to creating content. Sure, it is easy to just copy and paste other people's articles, videos, etc. But you don't want to do that. I mean, don't get me wrong, there is nothing inherently bad about sharing content you find interesting with your audience, even if made by a third party. My advice is not to build your entire site based on other people's content (OPC). In short: You shouldn't be down with OPC.

Position of Ads

The main purpose of our online real estate from the view of your audience is information/ content. Folks will not visit your site to see the latest banner ad by GM, so try to keep user experience at the center of your ad placement strategy. Position your ads to be non-intrusive. Use your ads to add value from an aesthetic and quantitative stand point. In other words a red banner showing an ad for an email marketing platform will add value to an article about email marketing placed on a white page.

In conclusion, Adsense has intuitive tracking systems that allow webmasters and publishers to track their results across various sites on a site by site, page by page basis. You should be aware of this capability and make the most of it because it is one powerful tool that will help you find out which ads are performing best. This way, you can fine-tune your Adsense ads and focus more on the ones being visited the most rather than those who are being ignored.

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