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How to Make Money While in College Full Time

Five legitimate ways to make money as a College Student

There is nothing as bad as running out of money in the midst of the semester. Regardless of how properly planned your budget is, emergencies are bound to happen. In such cases, you will need to have backup plan. You can always ask a friend or family to bail you out. Borrowing, however, doesn't always have to be the trend. There are so many genuine ways you can make money as a student.

Start a computer services business

This is one way that you can generate reasonable income. It is cheap and easy to start. Services that you can offer include printing, photocopying, scanning, and typesetting. You will agree with me that not many students like typing their assignments. If you are good at typing, then you can make money from such students. In the shop, you can also sell commonly-used stationery such as books, pens, etc.

Selling of old college notes

This may not happen as a freshman, but as you progress, you will have notes from previous years. You can generate good money from selling these to your juniors. You can add selling past papers to supplement money gotten from selling records.

Open a coffee/Snack shop

Not all students are fans of taking meals in the student mess. If your college students’ center has space, ask the management for some space and start making coffee and snacks to sell to other students.

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