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How to Integrate Social Media into your Email Marketing Strategy

Three simple Steps to take to ensure your email marketing campaigns are working well with your various social media pages.

Strategically infusing your Email Marketing efforts with certain Social media elements can help you reach and engage a wider audience. When it comes to marketing, especially digital marketing, it helps to put yourself in position to make all available platforms and tools work in your favor.

Social media, email, mailers, etc. All working on concert to accomplish your goals; connecting and communicating with a well-defined group of individuals or businesses. That being said, there are some simple steps to take to make sure your email marketing campaigns are working well with your various social media pages.

Choose the appropriate platform(s)

One major determining factor when it comes to success in marketing is disseminating your massage/ offer to a target audience. This is supremely important. Your service appeals the most to a group of businesses or individuals who share certain common traits, interests, needs, etc.

It is, therefore critical that you choose to peddle your products on Social media platforms that serve as a hangout for your target audience. For example, Linkedin is great if you are looking to market to professionals and small business folk. However, you would fare better selling to a much younger audience on say an Instagram or Snapchat.

Offer free trials and/or discounts

When marketing on social media, even if via your Email campaigns, in other words, if you plan to share your Email messages ( especially the ones with clear calls to action ) with your Social media audience as well, it helps to include "offer you they can't refuse"-type of discounts and promotional offers.

Remember, folks hanging out on Social platforms are typically not looking to purchase anything, therefore you will have to offer something freaking special to get them to stop arguing about what Trump just did and check out your product.

Use Quality Photos and Videos

This is a step that I recommend regardless of whether you are advertising on Social media or not. It is imperative that you dig into your $ta$h a bit to purchase premium videos and photos to go with all your marketing campaigns.

Your Email / Social media efforts should be no different, especially on social media where folks tend to be drawn towards photos and videos rather than words. Using quality images and videos that commend the attention of your audience will help your messages cut through the noise and deliver the desired results.

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