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How to Improve Your Social Skills With 5 Simple Tips

Studies show that 7 In 10 Millennials Would Rather Text Than Talk In Person

Not knowing how to react in a social environment can make most social interactions more awkward than normal. These days, technology has made things a bit easier for us when it comes to interacting with others.

Even though the popularization of communication apps has made us less communicative on a face-to-face level, these apps now allow us to communicate more comfortably. 

Studies show that 7 out of 10  millennials prefer to communicate online, making it hard to effectively express their feelings. Before picking your phone to send an instant text, you need to realize some situations will require your physical presence.

Read along and find out how you can become a better communicator through improved social skills.

1. Control your nonverbal cues

If you want to be viewed by others as confident, mature and approachable, learn to look people in the eyes while talking, shake hands firmly and smile in the case of a joke. 

2. Don’t be too self-conscious

Being overly aware of yourself and your capabilities can significantly affect how you behave while in a group. Try not to think too much and have a little faith in yourself. You might be surprised to realize that what you think about yourself affects you socially more than what others think. 

3. Control your verbal output

Being able to monitor what you say in front of others minimizes chances of being embarrassed. If you have problems with some pronunciations, avoid using them all the same. Not unless you are in the midst wonderful friends with whom you joke about your terrible pronunciations.

4. Be keen to read other people's nonverbal cues

Don’t get too busy working on your nonverbal skills that you forget to read other people's feelings. It's common to get out of line once in a while-while joking. You should, however, be sharp enough to know when the other party gets uncomfortable and change the topic.

5. Manage your feelings

Unless you are conversing with your family or closest friend, you need to keep your emotions in check. You might be tempted to giggle, get upset or feel snubbed, reacting to these feelings, however, might make you lose the confidence of those around you. 

Being socially skilled has numerous advantages. Start improving your self-confidence now if you have doubts. 

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