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How To Graduate College With No Debt

Graduating debt free from college can be one of the best gifts you give yourself

"Learn how to manage these few bucks while in school, "Don't try to copy another student's lifestyle," our parents would tell this to their innocent kids as they left for every semester. But, does this work?

It reminds me of how it felt having a few thousand in my pockets then. Everything seemed affordable. More so, the luxurious lifestyle which every student wished for became such an achievable goal. But, how it turned around in a few days, specifically after a week, I found myself fighting for my financial survival.

Whether one can graduate college with no or little debt is a subject of circumstance. Why am I saying this? You can't compare the life of a student who commutes daily from home and the one living away from home. As a boarding student, you have to cater to all your basic needs. This is unlike the case for a day scholar who only has to worry about getting to class. 


Students are known to love living lavishly regardless of their backgrounds. If you want to graduate school with no debt or with little debt for that matter, train yourself to cut your coat accordingly. If you observe this simple, yet sensible rule, you will be able to save the little pocket money you get from your parents. 

Yes, it is understandable that you have no means of raising cash as a student, but that doesn't mean you should make a cash cow out of your parents. Think outside the box; there are always ways you can earn money as a student.

We live in a favorable time where HELB loan disbursement happens to almost every student. If you are a beneficiary, try using this money wisely. Don't indulge in debts from other students or family for that matter. 

If your parents are in a position to help you out financially, try not to rely on HELB, be appreciative and stick to that. I know how tempting it is to want to get a loan to pay for the personal stuff. But this, my friend, will only make you indebted. And trust, when HELB starts demanding their payment, you won't enjoy it. 

Coin management requires you to be very disciplined. As Warren Buffet said, spend what is left after saving and not vice versa. Robert Kiyosaki further emphasizes the need for limiting your spending on your basic needs rather than wants.  

Those who have mastered the art of coin control and discipline have survived the woes, trouble, and embarrassment that comes along with debts in college. 

In conclusion, the coin is a mystery, one time it's in plenty, on another occasion, it's gone like the dust in the whirlwind. Try to control your spending and limit lines of credit while in college. You can make it out without debts. Good luck!