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How to Get Paid for Advertising on Your Website: 3 Simple Ideas

How much will companies pay to advertise on your website? It depends on many factors including your average monthly page views.

If you own a popular blog or website and you are simply in search of ways to generate revenue --you might be thinking about accepting ads for other brands' products on your web property.

It would be nice if you could just slap some CPC or CPM ads on your website and just count the money. The truth is, making money with ads is a bit more complicated than you might think. Companies will typically devote ad money to sites with a niche audience, significant amount of traffic and ideal ad placements available.

However, if your website is not “killing it” in these areas, there are still ways to leverage your site or blog to make some coin.

1. Google AdSense

This program allows you to make money by placing text or image ads on your site. The ad inventory is served up without any effort on your part. Google adsense is really popular among seasoned bloggers and new publishers alike.

These ads are paid for by brands that use AdWords. These ads mimic the content on your site, so if your site sells a drones, for example, the ads that appear on your site might be for drone suppliers.

2. Sell ads directly to companies.

If your site gets a decent amount of traffic, 250k plus visits per month, and you feel confident enough, then you can approach local complementary businesses to see if they would like to advertise.

Create a media kit and hit the road. Try to sell them on how advertising on your site will certainly drive traffic to their store or website, thus helping their bottom line.

3. License your content

This is a strategy that is really helpful if you have a content-based website or blog. So if your site features guides, articles, videos etc. Then you can approach news media outlets, schools and other companies.

The idea is to find a way to license your existing content for their purpose or offer to leverage your expertise to create content for them. Offer  to create and distribute custom content that can help them communicate with your audience and drive sales for them

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