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How to Generate Buzz Around Your Product Launch or Startup: 3 Creative Strategies to Try Today

Social media does provide some new exciting opportunities to create buzz around your company or product launch but only if executed properly.

The most exciting thing that can happen to you, or for you as an Entrepreneur is to successfully launch your business or product. Let me rephrase that. The absolute best thing that can happen to you as an Entrepreneur is to put a product or business idea out there that people care about. Not just care about but will want to spend money to consume.

This is the Holy Grail of small business startupness. Yes, I did just say "Startupness". Sure you will still have to worry about marketing to a mass audience such that you can actually make a profit, and oh, sure, you will have to try to build a viable business around this new product and all that, but initially, all you can hope for is for people to give a hoot about your new venture.

Social media does provide some new exciting opportunities to create a buzz around your company or product launch, but only if executed properly.

With that being said, here are three ways to generate excitement around your new product on Social Media.

First things first

In the end, getting someone's attention is one thing, keeping it and facilitating meaningful interactions? Now that's an entirely different animal. Believe it or not, as an Entrepreneur / Marketer, your first goal in any marketing system is to start a conversation around your product or company.

Your ideal prospective customer, with the right incentive will allow continued dialog about what you have to offer. The proverbial "Tell me more", if you will. She ( your prospect) will provide some sort of contact info i.e email address so you can provide additional, direct or indirect data to enhance your offering.

Once you have traversed the first obstacle, your job is to create a long-term, customized, preferably automated system through which you will continue to build value and tell a heck of a compelling story about your product.

An effective system will, at every turn ask the recipient to take an action that will ultimately turn them into a paying customer.

#Hashtag in your lane

As you may have noticed, hashtags have become the ideal way to join/ influence larger conversations being had online. They ( Hashtags) present a clear and present opportunity to have your content be discovered by folks who are talking, interested in or care about any particular topic.

With some research and planning, not to mention consistency, you can be on your way to creating or using relevant hashtags to create excitement or awareness around what your company does.

Share resources

One way to generate some serious engagement for your brand is by sharing useful resources with your target audience. This is especially helpful if you are going to be offering your services to other businesses.

They have needs as well. Needs that might not necessarily converge with what you do. You can however, build say a blog or resource center on your website and automate the sharing of articles, guides, free online courses, etc. with your prospects.

They key is to share branded content. Ensure that your logo is featured prominently on any content you share. Integrating useful resources into your social media marketing strategy will help establish you as a subject-matter expert while building brand awareness.

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