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How To Delegate Work To Employees: 5 Proven Methods

As an entrepreneur, it is super important to master the art of delegating. Your firm's productivity depends on it.

As the founder of a startup firm, your ability to effectively delegate tasks is essential to the overall success of your organization. Whether you are the  head of a major operation or just starting out in the garage with a few folks, you need to be able to successfully Divvy-up the duties of the day among your team.

With the adequate levels of control in mind, we can then move on to think about how you delegate work or tasks. 

Here are 5 strategies to consider when delegating tasks.

1. Clearly communicate expectations

There really is no substitute for clearly communicating what you expect from each member of your team and the timeline for delivery. Once your troops know exactly what you need them to do to contribute to the overall mission of your firm, it is easier for them to be creative and to deliver with absolute precision.

2. Establish A Hierarchy

Its is important to establish a clear message of who is in charge  when working with a team. Each member of your team needs to know who is responsible for setting the tone and direction of your group. Establishing a solid hierarchy allows for the smooth execution of desired tasks.

3. Be Open to feedback

Effective delegation is mostly a function of great relationship management, and relationships require the commitment of several parties. Create a functioning feedback loop, one that allows you to followup with your team after delegation to get their thoughts and opinions on the completed task. Be open to any suggestions your team may make.

4. Create a timeline

Timelines ensures that people are focused. Building and communicating a timeline is especially useful in situations where the task at hand has no real deadline or requires various steps to be completed as part of one homogeneous endeavor.

5. Delegate based on strengths

Individual members of your team all possess unique strengths and talents. Each one is likely to be good at one specific thing that helps bring it all together. One may be a great communicator while the other is an expert at producing creative works. Play to these strengths and watch things get done in half the time and with perfection.

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