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How to Create Catchy Email Subject Lines for Sales (Pt. 2)

This is a part two continuation and completion of a previous article

Now that we have covered the various elements of an effective email subject line, let's take a look at some examples of subject lines that other entrepreneurs have used in the past with great success.

Examples of effective email subject lines:

"Am I assuming correctly?"

If a prospect just isn't responding to your emails, send them a quick note saying,

"Usually when I don't hear back, it means this isn't a priority for your company at the moment. Am I correct in assuming this?"

"Feeling blue? Like baby pandas?"

Come on. Who doesn't like baby pandas? This subject line will get your prospect to open your message -- where they'll find an adorable video of pandas playing or a GIF of a sneezing baby panda (pick your poison.)

“{Mutual connection} recommended I get in touch”

Real referrals are king, but when you take it too far it may backlash on your performance! If you share an acquaintance with your prospect, be sure to put that person’s name in your email subject line. The more your prospect trusts your referrer, the more compelling your email will be, but important the prospect knows the person, and you do as well!

“Hoping to help”

ABH (Always Be Helping) is the best way to build sales relationships today. Put this sentiment front and center — prospects will appreciate your outreach as well as your willingness to be of service.

{Subscriber's name}, a bit of advice?

Personalizing your email subject in any way, like using your prospect’s name, gives you a 22.2% higher chance of having your email opened, according to a report from Adestra.

Pleasure chatting with you, {Subscriber's name}

This type of subject line might apply after your first cold email gets a reply or after an initial meeting has already taken place. Whether your prospect just needs a gentle nudge to take the next steps or you haven’t heard back from them lately, this type of follow-up email subject line will help you continue the conversation.

[Prospect’s name]- You’ll love this

Instigating a subconscious need can be of use when converting a prospect into a revenue-generating customer.

"Idea for [topic the prospect cares about]"

A free idea? Sure, I'll take it. *click*

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