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How to Create a Killer Social Media Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

Create a solid actionable social media marketing strategy with the help of these three simple but powerful tips.

With the constant changes in the algorithms of the most popular social media platforms, apps like Facebook and Twitter "shake things up" on a regular basis, as far as the rules and methods through which the average consumer and/or brand accesses content and derives value from using their various application.

Also, not forgetting the vast amount of information out there. Information, albeit meant to educate folks on how to "do" social media marketing. It is super easy for one to get lost in the sheer amount of advice, guides, and articles out there on this topic.

That said, we have found that when it comes to social media marketing, regardless of platform or app, one can build and engage a loyal audience by following these simple tips.

A few "good" platforms

First things first, do not get distracted by all the numerous, seemingly endless options out there when it comes to social media platforms.

A little bit of research can help you quickly determine which platform(s) fits well with your particular business.

Where, be it Facebook or Linkedin are your people most likely to congregate? This is where you want to be. Focus on these platforms that matter and ignore all the noise out there.

The point of it all

This is a pretty easy but often overlooked one. Sure, you want to share content on social media. You want, like any other brand or person, to get as many likes, shares, and comments as you can.

On social, "engagement" is the name of the game, but when it is all said and done, what is the overall point of your social media strategy?

Do you want folks to become familiar with your brand? Or, perhaps you want more readers for your blog. Keep the overall point front and center as you plan and execute your social strategy.

Take feedback

Listen to your audience. The great thing about social is that folks are very vocal on these platforms. Everyone has an opinion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

And I know some of these folks can be a bit much sometimes. I mean with all the reviews, videos, and so on. But as a brand/business, you are best served by paying close attention to what your fans, users, and even your competition say about you on social media.

Use this feedback, however harch, to improve your social media campaigns and overall business.

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