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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy to Dominate Your Local Market: 5 Simple Ideas

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

We are in a digital era. We have already come to terms with that fact, How do you create a digital marketing strategy?

We are in a digital era. We have already come to terms with that fact, but how can we use it to the benefits of businesses? Are we going to pull back from investing in online marketing plans because it is too crowded? No, we shouldn’t. There is always a way to stand out from the crowd and here is how we are going to use digital marketing strategies to dominate the local market.

1. Invest in a mobile friendly website

Latest estimates show that over 60% of all online traffic is via mobile devices.  You can comfortably surf numerous websites and apps from your smart phone. However, Google won't show just any site; it will display a site that is mobile friendly. If you want your prospects to view your site from anywhere, make it mobile friendly.

2. Geo-target your site to local search

How good is this? Well, assuming you are running a hotel business and have done an excellent job of creating a business website. But, in the search engine, only people from afar can view your site instead of the locals. How does this benefit your business? Reach a local market with location-based keywords, use the name of your city or town as part of your keywords. This will help serve up your pages when folks are looking for a hotel in your city.  

3. Target the domestic market through social sites

The power of social media marketing goes without saying. Every business is using it, but small business should be more focused on reaching the right target. When carrying out social media marketing, be sure you are targeting the right local audience. Because then again, not everyone in your locality is a potential client. Realizing the right target and applying leverage to reach it will help you maximize your marketing budget. 

4. Work on your website interface

A great-looking website will drive traffic. As earlier mentioned, many visitors use mobile devices to get online. Update your site often with new content. Maintaining a dynamic site will help rank you higher in search engines.

5. Focus on what works

If you have been advertising for some time, you may already know what works and what doesn’t. Commit the majority of your ad dollars to what works. You can do some A/B testing to improve upon this.

Being new, small and local doesn’t hinder you from making it in business. If you offer excellent products and services, you will be appreciated, and in return, you will expand.

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