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How to Be a Good Boss in 2017: 8 Easy Tips

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As we say goodbye to 2016, we review the things we did great and the things we need to work on.  As a manager, there is always room for personal Improvement to make the work run smoother and have more productivity. With a few changes you can make an impact on the overall well being of your employees and also accomplish the company’s goals.

I am not giving you an instant formula that you will apply and boom; you are the perfect boss. Neither am I speaking of a long list of inconceivable methods that will take you a week or two to master.

The resolution requires you to take the time to evaluate your words, action, and the impact you have on your juniors and help you make positive changes.

1. Be a leader

A good boss recognizes the objective of the team which is the project at hand. Identify every individual and the part they are playing in the project. Give credit freely and appreciate your subordinate regularly.

2. Encourage

Your team will give their best effort through encouragement rather than threats and intimidation. As their leader, it is your duty to give them hope and appreciation of the work they are doing. Imagine how you would feel if someone not only recognized your efforts but gave you encouragement. It will make you even want to more and better.

3. Communicate

let the team be in the loop about what is happening on the project or any changes that you intend to make. It doesn’t feel good to know you are part of a team, but things happen without even having a clue.

4. Be a Decision Maker

Being a boss means making tough decisions. Take your time to evaluate your choices before coming forward with them. Do not be a manager who depends on the opinion of others about how to make company related decisions.

5. Acknowledge

Err is to man, a boss is human and is bound to make mistakes one time or the other. Acknowledging your mistakes helps you and your team move on and at the same time earn you the respect of your employees.

6. Encourage the Teamwork Spirit

Being a good boss requires you help your team work together in harmony to accomplish objectives.

7. Create a Positive Culture

It’s said, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Yes, you have tasks that need to complete, but sometimes you need a break from work. Spare time for fun and knowing each other better beyond the project.

8. Be part of the Team

You cannot lead behind the door. You need to get into the field with others, see what they are doing and maybe help where you can.

Many successful projects have succeeded because they have been mentored by good leaders. If you want to be that leader, who is more than just a boss, then practice some of the mentioned tips, and your leadership skills will improve.

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