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How Kenyan Women can Develop a Good Parent and Child Relationship: 4 Steps

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

It is shocking how Kenyan mothers nowadays have lost their relationships with their daughters and sons. Many are wondering what could be wrong while others think that it is just a sign of the times. Most parents think that as long as their child have all they have asked for it is all well.

We all need love and people to talk to and children look into their mothers for help and counsel. But how will they do that if you don’t relate to such matters.

Here are a few ways how Kenyan women can build stronger relationships with their children.

1. Be your child’s best friend

Before they go out to school or church and meet a new friend, make sure that you are the closest and you are their best. This has to start when the child is very young. Let them know that they can let you know of anything no matter what.

2. Hangout with your child

We understand that not every mother has time for their child, bearing in mind that Kenyan women are always busy, others are single mothers without a father figure for the child. But there is always that rest day per week or even every day after work when you can spare, space on your busy schedule and fix them in for 45 minutes of just having fun.

3. Learn what makes them angry and happy

This will help you know how to cheer them up when they are down. It will also help you know how to deal with their anger in a calm way.

4. Be open with them

Let your children know that you are not an angelic mother that cannot be emotional. Don’t play pretense with your children, let the learn honesty with you.

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