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Google Introduces "Site Kit": A WordPress Plugin With Integrated Webmaster Tools

The new plugin will allow Wordpress publishers easy access to various tools within the Google Webmaster universe.

Google has announced an early 2019 Beta launch of its new Wordpress Plugin. The new tools will make available, all of Google's popular Webmaster tools. Users can easily access deep Analytics for individual pages, view keyword effectiveness, and more.

Site Kit will also allow site owners access to various security tools and overall, provide a bird's eye view of any attached Wordpress site.

The company ( Google) has set a Beta roll out for early 2019, and interested parties can sign up here.

Although Site Kit will not offer any new tools other than ones already available within the Google Webmaster tools / Search Console ecosystem, there are a few cool new features being offered. For one, users will be able to receive notifications when they hit new publishing milestones. Users will be able to view detailed stats, recently published content, etc.

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