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Facebook Launches The Facebook Journalism Project to fight "Fake news"

Facebook rolled out a slew of new tools this week. A bulk of these new features are aimed at assisting journalists generate new ad revenues and also to combat the growing issue of "Fake news". The company stated that these new efforts are meant to " establish stronger ties” with the media. They detailed the thinking, goals and ambitions for their new tools in a blog post. 

The Facebook Journalism Project will create a symbiotic platform on which journalists and the company (Facebook) can work together to build media-focused tools and also improve upon existing ones. The media community, as a whole stand to benefit greatly from these moves by Facebook, although some observers fear these tools will help diminish the reach of small independent news media outlets. 

These new features by Facebook includes a program where media outlets will be able to bundle together subscriptions along with Instant Articles. The company will launch tools to help new outlets offer paid subscriptions to their entire sites. 

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