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Facebook decides to Monetize Video

Former users of Vine and current users of Snapchat and other video apps now have another thing to celebrate. Facebook, this week announced that they will be testing a new  ad placement  format to monetize videos.

So, the feature will give video publishers the ability to insert ads in their videos. Watchers will see these ads after 20+ seconds of watching video. 

The company however, has announced several stipulations. Publishers be ware that videos must be at least 90 seconds to qualify. Some observers say this move fits into Facebook's long-term goal of becoming a destination for full length video content, moving them away for the shorter, often nonsensical videos currently featured on

How much publishers will get paid

When it comes to video, Facebook has announced an Ad revenue sharing model very similar to Youtube.

The company will give publishers a 55% cut of all revenue derived from video ads. 

Some argue that Facebook's decision not to show ads until 20 or more seconds into the video will allow for a more seamless, enjoyable experience and also help advertisers better connect with their proposed audience. 

Awesome news for marketers

Video marketers, small and large companies, Agencies, now have a meaningful  way to connect and tell their brand message via the most powerful medium out there: video. It is a huge advantage for advertisers to be able to show ads in videos and have them be able to be as targeted as it gets and have these videos show on the most popular online hangout spot. 

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