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Donald Trump Owes Elizabeth Warren A Million Bucks: Colbert Mocks Trump For His Latest Flip-flop

Despite video evidence, Trump claims he never promised to donate $1 million to a charity of Sen. Warren's choosing if she proved she had native ancestry

Anyone who has watched Trump for at least the last two years saw this coming: He publicly, and ignorantly says something about someone he considers an enemy, only to be later proven to be wrong, then he pretends he never said such a thing.

Well, on Monday 10/15/2018, Sen. Elizabeth Warren released ( with a campaign-style video ) results of her DNA test proving that she, indeed ( despite The president's skepticism and public mockery) does have some Native American ancestry. She also called-out trump to " Make Good" on his promise to donate $1 million to a charity of the Senator's choosing if she were to prove that she is part Native.

Warren, in a series of tweets, instructed Trump to send the check to The National Resource Center to Enhance Safety of Native Women and their Children ( NIWRC ), a non-profit group that addresses domestic violence and safety for Indian Women and seeks to enhance the capacity of American Indian and Alaska Native (Native) tribes, Native Hawaiians, and Tribal and Native Hawaiian organizations to respond to domestic violence.

Trump, for his part, denied ever making such a claim, even though there is video evidence to contradict his new position.

Stephen Colbert made fun of Trump for these series of events and took a shot at Sen. Warren for her obvious intention to run in 2020.