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Cutstory for Instagram: How to Upload Long Videos on instagram Story

Cutstory is a neat little tool that allows you to post videos on instagram longer than 60 seconds

If you have used Instagram for any amount of time, you know that it is a great social app as well as being very helpful in building a brand. Having said that, you also know that at the same time it has its limits. One of those limits, up until now, is the shortened amount of video you can post to your Instagram story.

I say up until now because there is a new app that works with Instagram that will allow you to post longer videos to your story. If you do not have this app or know about it, I am going to give you a brief overview below.

Previously you were only able to post videos up to sixty seconds in length on Instagram, and on the stories section that amount was limited to a very short fifteen-second clip. But the problem remained, what if your video was longer? Until now, you really didn't have much of an option available.

Enter Cutstory for Instagram Stories. A nifty new app that will allow you to post your longer videos to your storyline, without a whole lot of editing, or knowledge of editing needed on your part. The app pretty much does the work for you by cutting the video down into smaller clips and then assembling those clips into a slideshow.

For example, let's say you have a video you shot and is currently in your camera roll. However, your video is way too long to post to your Instagram story. Simply go to the app store, download Cutstory for Instagram Stories (it is free of charge) and open the app. Choose the longer length video you want to edit from your camera roll.

Cutstory will pull the video up and you will choose the social media platform you will be posting the video to, and the app will begin editing it into smaller clips. When it is done, the app will automatically save the edited clips, in their proper sequence, in your camera roll. Then all you have to do is go in and upload them to your social media. The app literally does all the work for you.

In a day and age where most rely heavily on online apps in order to help develop and promote their brands, Cutstory for Instagram Stories will prove to be a very valuable and useful tool. And I for one am all about making my online work easier and less aggravating.